Whenever I make a batch I always take care that I’m in a good mood, because I find it important to consider the kind of energy you put into a product while you’re making it. You don’t want to be tired or miserable or stressed when you make something because that energy ends up in the product itself.

I only make small batches at a time, or made to order, because I don't like the idea of my products sitting on the shelf for a long time. And that’s why on my website it says please be patient, it may take up to five days. Because if I don’t feel right about making it one day I’d rather wait until the next. And although we’re in a world where people expect things the very next day, I’m sure they're happy to wait a little longer for a high quality, happy product.

Conversation with Caterina Schiffers, creator of Wunderbalm, artisanal, botanical skincare, made in Wellington, NZ.